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Subordinate Court Registry Office


  • Hearing mention of code 81 criminal cases.
  • Hearing criminal cases and departmental summons code 82-89.
  • Hearing Children's Court cases.
  • Hearing remand applications and applications from various departments.
  • Hearing remand applications on weekends according to the set schedule.
  • Prepare/monitor monthly statistics for cases at the Balik Pulau Magistrate's Court.
  • Monitor and carry out administrative work at the Balik Pulau Magistrate's Court.




  • Handling Civil and Criminal Cases in Open Court / Chambers.
  • Handle the correspondence of civil cases.
  • Reviewing the Draft Order/Judgment
  • Monthly and Adhoc civil statistics
  • Cause list of civil cases
  • Providing Various Commands (Supervision and others)
  • Update diary and causelist
  • Record Department, Traffic and JPJ suits
  • Prepare Warrants, Orders.
  • Handling Applications Sec.413
  • Provide OTP and Arrest Warrant for departmental summons.
  • Prepare and administer Good Behavior Bond Orders.
  • Provide Daily Reports




  • Manage Office Inventory including Registration and disposal
  • Manage Outgoing/Incoming Office Store Items.
  • Prepare Weekly/monthly Court Security Reports.
  • Checking the Safety Report Book daily.
  • Supervising Court Staff Attendance Thumb Print Machines.
  • Updating the Notice Board of Rest, leaving/entering Officers and staff.
  • Manage the registration of outgoing/incoming Court Correspondence.
  • Signing the receipt book and kew receipt. 38E and E-Court Finance
  • Generate Bills.
  • Prepare a schedule for Juvenile Court Counselors.
  • Managing the Annual Performance Report and Staff Performance to be forwarded to PTJ.
  • Manage Leave, Course Application, Examination, Position Confirmation, Retirement to be forwarded to PTJ.
  • Store and distribute Letters, Service/Treasury Circulars.
  • Carrying out the duties of the Commissioner of Oaths.




  • Pick up and deliver office keys from the District Police Station.
  • Open and close the office door every day.
  • Distribute the documents into the Lawyer's BC Box according to the specified time.
  • Save and organize files.
  • Sending documents to nearby departments and postal matters.
  • Take and save the files for the cases and enter all the documents of the cases into the file.
  • Takes Civil and criminal files from the Interpreter to the Registration Section every day after completion of the case.
  • Sending Civil and Criminal Files from the Registry Section to the Interpreter every day before the case.




  • Fully responsible for financial tasks.
  • Receive all daily collections and print receipts through the Finance e-court system.
  • Provide payment vouchers for trust deposits through the eSPKB system.
  • Prepare travel claim payment statement.
  • Prepare a monthly report of results to be sent to Audit every beginning of the month before the 6th of the month.
  • Prepare Banking Statement of daily collection to be banked.
  • Supervise the retail cash register and prepare the retail cash register.
  • Receive and answer correspondence related to finance.
  • Maintain Deposit Ledger Receipts/disbursements of deposits.
  • Print the e-Court Finance report.
  • Prepare a report on application for revenue write-off and trusts that exceed 10 years.




  • Registering remand cases 117 kj code PD-89RE AADK code PD-89UT
  • Provide a Guarantee Process.
  • Releasing Bail Money on completed cases.
  • Issuing OTP to the prison.
  • Compile the crime files that have been completed by making the final series.
  • Prepare documents when receiving instructions related to cases to be transferred to the High Court.
  • Responsible for updating the cause book of PD-89RE code and -UT code.
  • Provide supervision orders




  • Process newly filed Writs and Statements of Claim and register cases in the Cause Book for all civil codes.
  • Open the file of new civil cases.
  • Process all documents for all new civil cases.
  • Updating the Civil Cause Book daily by recording the results of completed cases.
  • Answering correspondence and managing the transfer of civil files to other Courts.
  • Take and keep files for civil cases and enter all documents or letters into files.




  • Serving Summons, Subpoenas, Bankruptcy Notices and Substitution Orders.
  • Prepare an Affidavit of Service or an affidavit without service.
  • Register new Criminal Cases
  • Registering new cases of Traffic summons and JPJ summons
  • Updating the Criminal Register Cause Book.
  • Registering an Arrest Warrant Application.
  • Updating the Criminal Case Masterlist.




  • Register the cases of WSS, 76WSL, A74, SPP, 56WS, 56WSL, A54, 76J and open the file by setting the Execution date.
  • Interplider Suit Processing sets the hearing date, and submits it to the claimant and the plaintiff.
  • Updating the Appeal Book by recording the completed decision.
  • Updating the Cause Book for all Implementation case codes.
  • Provide Notice of Sale and Notice of Foreclosure as well as Sale within 14 days from the date of foreclosure.
  • Conducting committals to Prison and Execution of Writs of Surrender.
  • Preparing Bailiff Statements for Trust Payments for completed cases.
  • Conducting auction sales of confiscated goods under RM 10,000.00
  • Execute the Arrest Warrant and bring JD to the relevant Court.
  • Process Notices of Application for Execution for break-ins, Out-of-Office Execution and Extension of Execution Time.
  • Process SPP Judgment Debtor Summons, open file, set hearing date and record in cause book once completed.
  • Process the Notice of Appeal promptly and register in the Appeal Book. Send a letter to the Appellant's Counsel to take reasons and notice.