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Tiada pengumuman buat masa sekarang

Subordinate Court Registry Office


  • Handle civil case management through the CMS system
  • Recording Default Judgments and Consent Judgments
  • Hearing and disposing of civil cases
  • Giving the results of interlocutory applications and full hearings
  • Provide a basis for judgment.
  • Maintain Appeal Records
  • Responsible for the civil files of the Magistrate's Court
  • Set the New Writ mention date for the signed document.



  • Handle case management and set trial dates
  • Conduct mediation upon the agreement of both parties.
  • Tried and decided cases.
  • Provide Reasons for Judgment for appealed cases within the prescribed period.
  • Handling and managing the cases that need to be heard before the judge.
  • Reading the charges, facts of the case & translating evidence to the OKT and witnesses in a language understood by the OKT or witness.
  • Updating and diary & case book daily.
  • Record the exhibits in the book and manage the movement of the exhibits.
  • Monitor and generate bills in the system.
  • Prepare case list, master list, OTP, arrest warrant and imprisonment warrant for cases sentenced to imprisonment.
  • Prepare a Civil / Criminal Master list.